The Destructive Force Of Misunderstandings, Or How A Business Dies

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Unrecognized in time mistakes are a pressing issue that can do irreparable damage to your company and business. Mistakes are usually the result of miscommunication and mistrust. Researchers are agreeing that the leading causes for loss and standstill of the profit in a company are the absence of control and quality management. Avoiding such critical issues is imperative. A real manager must be able to strengthen all weak links in a company and apply effectively all risk management principles.

  • Miscommunication. The relationship between the company’s manager and employees is one such thing.  A fertile relationship is built upon trust and understanding. Understanding all employees’ strengths and weaknesses, the way they are most productive and useful. To lead a team one must be able to use time and productivity management in favor of all, using the knowledge he has on all team members. If a team leader doesn’t exist to guide and organize the team members the project may and will fall to parts. But as we all know, managing a remote team is even harder. A timesheet software can give you the opportunity to assign and lead projects, connect with the employee and organize the work process. And in the same time give the remote (or not) employee the opportunity to communicate, describe and manage the whole working process, avoiding unnecessary time loss. As they say, every tool set needs a hammer.
  • Miscalculation. When starting any kind of project always calculate the time and resource you will need to complete it. When assigning a project one must always calculate the time and resources needed to finish it.Take all task that must be done during it and all the daily tasks that your company usually does. Make a working schedule for everything that must be done and do not miss a step. Even long term projects can fail for the smallest mistakes and miscalculations. Everyone assigned to your project must know that schedule in order to finish their assignment in time. Time management and organization are utmost importance if you want everything finished with success.
  • Misinterpretation. Another way to avoid mistakes in time is to regularly check the work of your employees before it has come to an end. If your employee misunderstood his task, because of the poor communication it may put your project at risk. Always check on the progress of all given tasks and if there are any pressing issues that may affect their completion.
  • Lack of control. The team leader prevents unnecessary distraction that can cause the ruin of the workflow. An employee time tracking software can help manage their productivity and control their behavior at work. An employee who is hiding, and pretending to do his job, usually is one of the tripping stones on the road to success.

The avoidance of those missteps of the organization described above is necessary if you want to run a prospering business. If you manage to take control on those few steps, the absolute management skills will be an easy task for you and prosperity will follow.

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