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One of the most challenging and complex works is hiring. Selecting the best fit for the needs of a company is hard and long task for any HR consultant or manager that wants to hire the right personnel. Employing the exact workers for the job is as important as the business idea itself. Great companies are built upon devoted and hardworking employees. Hiring a devoted professional is the way to stable your income and higher your profit avoiding unnecessary loss. Today we will show you how time managing software can also help you in the hiring process.

To pick among many people the one that will do the best job for your is a procedure that will normally and necessarily take a good amount of time. Usually hiring is divided into few parts –CV approval, interview and tryout. The approach in CV reading is to invite to interview only the people that have any or good connection with the job position. Interviewing is the part when you pick the ones that you think are best fitted for the job, but the trial is the trickiest part. A successful trial with using a time and attendance tracking software is composited of 3 steps and will give you a good objective over the future employee’s performance.

1. Training (training the applicant to the job). At training, it’s very important to cover all the bases of the job position no matter if the candidate has previous experience or not. You cannot judge solely on what is written in their CV. The truth is many people do not have the abilities they say they do or do not know a quicker way to finish their tasks. Here a time tracking software can come in handy. The applicant will have the exact time for every given project and helpful timesheet software to divide the work in periods, reporting for every finished task, for you to see. You do not even have to be next to him to track if the applicant has completed the training. This will help both you and him to complete a successful training. You just have to invite the applicant via e-mail to register at SCREENish, download and use our time tracking software.

2. Testing (testing if the applicant can successfully manage the job). For testing the applicant you should always look for their behavior and  attitude towards work. Here is where screen capture software will do a good job even if you are managing a remote worker. You will be able to track if the applicant is  losing any time for not work related actions like, for instance, checking his personal profiles at the social websites. This will give you the opportunity to reject any lost time and not pay for it. You will also get how quick he does his job, or if he is doing nothing for long periods of time, having  the mouse clicks and keystroke usage info from the productivity software. Moreover, none with their right mind will ever do such irrelevant to work stuff, even when the trial is over, if they want to keep their job.

3. Concluding (deciding if the person is right for the job position). The employee time tracking software will help you to more easily decide if the applicant can do the work you want him for. SCREENish will provide you with work log, screenshots, productivity log, timesheets and graphs that can show if, when and how did the applicant manage his work and time. It will make it simple for you to decide upon all this important data if the person is the most fitted professional. It will also give you all the accounting data that you need and the amount you have to pay for the work you considered done and you have approved.

An employee time tracking software means a better collaboration and better results in any task completion. It is a silent motivator for the hard working ones, and a nightmare for the lazy ones. It is excellent time management software for teams and leaders. Hiring the right person can get you a long way and can help you earn the profit you aim at, decreasing the chance of loss and failure. SCREENish invites you to give a chance for your dreams to come true.  There is a free 10 days tryout, now lets go and register.

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