How to avoid the distractions for your team and make them work productively?

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A main concern for every management is the time wasted on distractions. Nowadays there are many processes that interfere with the workflow and complicate the time management needed in a successful strategy. Every action not related to the work process is the same as inaction for the process itself. To be able to manage the time needed to complete a task is to be able to manage the person responsible for completing it.  But then, if we are talking for more than one person its when it goes harder. One cannot simply stay above the heads of all employees and monitor everything they do. But, do not worry, there is an easy way to still control your workers and improve their productivity.
With the personnel time tracking software of SCREENish the higher level project management is now possible. The software tool with provide you with an easy way to manage your team, with no matter if they are one door away or few countries away from you.
SCREENish will give you the option to effortlessly obtain all the data on your workers action, that you need. It’s a screen capture tool with few important additions. Our time tracking software will give you information on the mouse and keyboard usage, internet usage and will provide you with timesheets and graphs for every and each employee you want. This way your workers will no longer waste  time on actions unrelated to the work process, or stay inactive at their desk for long periods, doing who knows what.
As they are monitored, your employees will now focus on the task at hand and finish in time. You will be able to use the information from SCREENish’s time tracking software to better manage the time spend on every assignment and distribute the responsibility to the most suitable employee to handle it. You can review all the information gathered by the tool at any time you want and remove any personnel that is not dedicated to the work he/she has been given.
Time management in business is crucial for its success. We will help you avoid those disturbances and flourish in profit and wellness.

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