Sheep counting and accounting

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Sheep counting. Do you remember that episode of Mr. Bean where he took one picture of few sheep and a calculator and fell asleep when he saw the number he got by multiplying the rows and columns?

The feeling probably is the same you get when you slam your head in desk, surprised to see the numbers going downwards in your accountant’s weekly report. It’s time for some serious measures and better start with some higher level time managing system. You don’t want to lose all you worked for, right? For your business to repay, you must attend to all its needs. Effective time management skills are the first step from the road leading to the top. To be able to work with provided valuable management data will guarantee your early success. The management data you should be looking for is not only in the outside world, but in your team as well. Keeping a time track, having a time sheet and a work graph is essential for your projects successful rate. The productivity software is a valuable component for every team and team leader. SCREENish can give you all the information you need on your workforce’s state. The personnel time tracking software will give you the chance to successfully create a working time management system, where no precious minutes will be lost on irrelevant stuff. Registering and obtaining our software can help you with better understanding of the workflow of all your employees. Relaying on our app for time management you can easily boost your projects and raise your income. We will give you 10 days free of charge to use our program, without leaving your credit card info or other billing options. We would love to let us help you!

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