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Why managing remote teams with a work tracking software gives you more than an office security camera? Well, lets get serious. There are actually lots of reasons, and we will start with pointing the most important ones, covering some important parts of your budget.
First off, no matter how big or small your office is, you will have to put at least few CCTV gadgets around, and most probably you will still have a blind spot somewhere in the office area.
Now put yourself in place of your workers, and imagine someone is constantly watching you behind your back, and breathing in your neck. Not very comforting, right? You will just love to go in that blind spot for few minutes, wasting precious time.
The always asleep day-night watch guy. In most countries this is the profession for those who instead of sleeping at home, sleep at work. What are you paying for? An actual security against robbers, or a guy who sleeps pretending he is “monitoring” your employees? Now that we left those questions hanging around like bunch of weirdos creeping out and about, let’s go to the other points.
For you to see who is working or not, you will have to literally go through hours and hours of ridiculously sleep provoking video, where the main characters are doing nothing and the plot is written by a introvert hospitalized patient with antisocial behavior. Or pay someone else to sleep through the video and tell you its all okay, while the whole office knows that Jimmy (for instance) was snoring for half an hour.
Then again for you to resolve an office dispute of who waited for who to finish his/hers work, you will have to do the same, and stare at the monitor like an owl.
And last but not least, you may see John sitting at his desk, but you most probably won’t see he is scrolling down Facebook and posting tweets, nor see Marry is increasing her cat pictures collection and chatting with Jim from HR.
Now that we covered just the basics, let’s see what solutions will SCREENish give you.
On the spot, with remote team managing software. You will not need to put dozens of cameras all around and pay ridiculous money for putting them. Your team will no longer work with increasing discomfort, and search for a place to hide, nor will they get nervous and nonproductive.
One salary down. With the employee monitoring software you will no longer need to pay for someone to sleep through his workday. Unless you need an actual security for security reasons.
No pay for those who play. With the screen capture software you will receive the capture from the PCs of all the employees you are monitoring and know who is/was doing what at any given point of time. The capture tool will help you resolve all issues connected to in-office accusations without wasting your own time with boring videos.
No more snoring. With our productivity manager you will be able to check the clicks and keyboard typing for each of the employees you are monitoring, thus there will be shown if someone was doing nothing for a period of time.
Now that you know how much SCREENish will do for you, why don’t you try our time tracking software and ease your work?

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