Boost productivity with Employee Internet Monitoring

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Internet monitoring software and computer monitoring software can boost your team’s productivity up to 60%. How? Computer monitoring software is an essential part of how businesses today operate. Many companies track how their employees are spending their time and this is very important for employees’ productivity. Showcases and studies show, that computer monitoring software CAN BOOST PRODUCTIVITY with more than 60%! It can also prevent a lot of serious financial implications for your company! With SCREENISH you will know how your employees spend their working hours – what programs they are using, what browsers they are using, how much time they are spending in each task (and how much in Facebook). Employee monitoring with SCREENISH can save you a lot of money for working hours and a lot of legal and financial issues. To provide you the best tools to manage your employees, time and money, SCREENISH has focused on: 1) Project management: The essence of this type of software is to improve work by accentuating collaboration. Its key feature is to act as a platform for organizing projects and tasks. The point is to get a better overview of the work for easier collaboration and project management. The role of SCREENISH is mainly to ensure project progress and for managers to understand which type of apps are important to different projects. So, you will know: – which apps and programs is using your employee – how project budgets are spent 2) Time management: Screenish offers time tracking and organization solutions. These tools are valuable for generating timesheets, invoicing clients and accurate payroll. They are also useful for gaining insight into which tasks are the most time consuming and which projects have the highest return-on-investment, so time management tools can be used for future planning. Application tracking software like SCREENISH is meant to detect and eliminate any apps that are wasting time. So, you will know: – how long each task is taking – you can see screenshots of your employee’s screen – how active is your employee – analyzing monthly or weekly activities for each employee 3) Employee management: SCREENISH time tracking is meant to see which employees are the most productive and whether any worker is billing hours while shirking the work. SCREENISH is targeting all key elements mentioned above. Using SCREENISH time monitoring app you can truly benefit both from remote work and from your office workers. Both will working more efficiently and it will boost you productivity up to 60%.

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