Employee Time Tracking: What to Consider When Implementing?

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In the work of each leader, arises the question of optimizing certain processes in the enterprise. The components of each process: time, resources, result. Sooner or later, the need to take into account the working time comes to the fore. And programs that are created precisely for employee time tracking can seriously simplify the task.

Often, the accounting of working hours is made by the usual means: for example, through the access control mode, which allows you to record the time of arrival and departure of the employee. However, the simplest methods give the simplest information, owning which it is impossible to achieve an increase in the efficiency of the work. In order to significantly improve the effectiveness of business processes, it is worth turning to modern integrated systems for employee time tracking. Programs created for these purposes are not uncommon in the IT market today.

So, it was decided to take detailed account of working hours in the company. What this will require:

1. Analyze. The most important function of employee time tracking is to provide data for analysis. Already the day after the implementation of the project time tracking software, the manager will receive important information: what the employee is doing during the day, what sites he visits, how much time he spends outside his office. Do not rush with decisions. Analyze the work of employees for a week, a month, a quarter, and the information will acquire new value. Does the accountant spend 100% of his time on working duties at all times or only at the end of the month when the emergency happens? The sales manager is late at work all the time or only when one of the colleagues is on vacation? The sales specialist spends working time on entertainment sites always or only at the beginning of the year, when the work of the company “winter” lull?

2. “Make friends” with the employee time tracking system. The introduction of the timekeeping system is likely, at first, to be perceived negatively by employees. A false impression will be created that the leadership encroaches on their personal and shows disbelief. But in reality only a small part of the staff has a rigid self-discipline and is capable of self-motivation. Not many specialists can competently manage their time, organize their working day. Perhaps conducting trainings or a collective acquaintance with the theory of time management will help them to realize this and will awaken personal interest in correcting the situation. The employee time tracking system will help them: it will discipline, guide, motivate. It is only necessary to help the workers to accept this idea.

3. Approve the employee time tracking system. Time tracking data will allow you to make objective decisions about an employee. Regular monitoring of reports on a particular employee can show that he systematically spends time on “non-working” resources, often late, which reduces the effectiveness of the department and demotivates colleagues. Perhaps, it will be decided to fire such an employee. But to part with the employees need to competently, observing the laws and provisions of the Labor Code. Therefore, it makes sense to approve the employee time tracking system within the company, to make information about it in the rules of the internal labor schedule, to harmonize the introduction of the system with the workers’ union.

4. Make a “long” investment. All investments can be divided into two categories: investments that yield immediate results and long-term investments. The introduction of work time accounting, a program that will monitor the work of personnel is an investment that can pay off in the first two months, and at the same time become a long-term investment. Long-term analysis will help optimize the work of all departments, redistribute the functions and responsibilities of employees, which will certainly lead to an increase in the efficiency of the enterprise in the future.

The introduction of a employee time tracking system requires careful preparation and accurate, competent implementation. Then it will certainly bear fruit: it will increase the productivity of work and strengthen the competitive advantages of the company in the market.

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