5 Things You Need To Know Before Hiring Copywriters

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There always comes a time, when big company`s supervisor or a small start-up manager realizes that copywriters’ are today’s marketers, advertisement specialists and PRs at once. This is why hiring copywriters is more than just an important task to do, when you get back from your latest island-based vacation. It’s not that easy and it is more than buying software for time tracking with screenshots. It is a process you need to undertake seriously and with all of these 5 important things to have in mind before hiring the selected copywriters:

  1. Copywriters don’t only copy or write

As a matter of fact, they should be more of this. And the good copywriters are more. They know basics in SEO and html even though they have never written any web code. They are familiar with the latest PR strategies from political companies to new fast food chain immerse into the market even though they don’t actually care about Donald Trump or McDonalds latest GMO recipe. This is what they are: sleepless wiseacres, who can offer you more than an interpreted article of 500 words for less than a quarter of hour.

  1. Copywriters are kind of artists, so they need discipline

And they expect you to establish it for them. If they were disciplined enough by themselves, probably, they had already been owners of their business organizations. But they prefer life with fewer responsibilities, which is why they need working time to be settled. They need you to control them with time tracking with screenshots.

  1. Get ready to pay more

Today’s digital environment is truly full of copywriters. And believe us, there are a lot of truly bad writers. They don’t give a damn about your business. They only count the words in the text you have assigned them to write without even thinking how they are going to affect your audience. We can continue with such examples for really bad and unprofessional writers, but what’s important is for you to recognize the good ones, right? Well, they don’t agree on being paid a little bit. On the contrary, copywriters with poor skills will agree on your small wage and might probably search for another client to serve in the same unsatisfying way.

  1. Your copywriters are going to be what you want them to be

Because they are used to adjust to the new client’s or manager’s requirements! In most cases, a good and experienced copywriter used to have a lot of customer and he’s already prepared to quickly adjust to a completely organization and style of work. So the sooner you introduce your way of work, the faster your copywriter will start following it.

  1. Hiring doesn’t mean accepting in your team

As we have said, copywriters are artistic souls, mainly with rich background. This is why they are hard to be adopted in a team at a full value. You will have to show them a different attitude if you want to receive different ideas and approach into marketing and advertising. Well, actually, these are your main goals, right?

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