Incorrect Time Tracking Habits Affect Your Payment

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Although nowadays more and more employers introduce time tracking as a new way of work in their companies, they don’t educate their employees how to make the most of this software. As a consequence, a great percent of employees feel anxious when they have to use tracking software. They don’t understand the purpose of using time tracking software and look at it as a duty in stead of a helpful tool. Without proper training, they don’t know what activities to track.

Researches show that 9.1 % of employees don’t track the time, spent on business meetings. In addition to that, they don’t track the time, spent on communicating with superiors or other colleagues. To continue with the fact, that almost 50 % of employees don’t track the time, spent on sending emails. It turns out that 13 hours a week are spent on emails and half of employees don’t track that time. This is a clear sign these employees are not getting paid for that 13 hours a week, and that’s a lot of work! These 13 hours equal to more than one working day a week that has not been tracked and paid.

Another major mistake with the use of time tracking is that some employees fill their timesheets once a week. The recommended frequency of filling the timesheets is multiple times a day. 3.6 % of the employees, participating in the survey admit they fill the timesheets once a month. That won’t save them time because they have to reproduce every activity in the last month, which is impossible.

Common practice in time tracking is that people, using the software, track their time in advance. They cannot predict how much time they will spend on specific project. They may suppose it will take about 4 hours work to finish the project. However, in reality it can take them about 2 days.

To sum up, it turns out that 40 % of working time is not tracked. Proper training and explanation how to use time tracking software is essential for not losing revenue. Organizing your work and correct billing of your clients are just some of major benefits of using time tracking software. For that reason, if you find out you are not using the software the best possible way, change your habits.

If you want your employees to use time tracking software and both sides to benefit from its advantages, give them enough time to get familiar with the application. You may make a presentation on a topic “how to use time tracking every day?” or “benefits of using time tracking”. Discussions with managers will also help about being informed what the primary difficulties for employees are when using time tracking. Time tracking data can be used as a motivational tool for all employees. At the end of each month, show reports that prove the positive effect of this software. Moreover, you have to emphasis that using time tracking software is their duty, not their option.

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