4 Oscar-Winning Acts Remote Workers Tend To Delude Their Employers With

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There are dozens of misconceptions about remote workers that make employers give up from the idea to hire people to work from their own homes. However, some of the myths about remote work disadvantages aren’t that misleading or wrong at all. Every coin has two sides. And in every overreacting fact there’s a piece of truth. So, indeed, there are problems with remote job positions and today’s employers still suffer from them. The thing is that they let themselves being deceived. And just like ordinary workers can lie in their boss` throat in the office, remote workers have their bad habits in cheating. Here are the trickiest situations your remote workers can put you in:

  1. Fake technical problems

When your accountant’s computer breaks down in the office, you call the IT support, right? But a remote worker might tell you dozens of lies like “There’s no good technical support in the little city I live in, so I am supposed to wait for a couple of days till I get my equipment ready..” and etc. Fake technical problems can be avoided with time and attendance tracking software. Besides the workings behind the desk, such a tool can follow the progress of a device, respectively its working capacity during the day.

  1. The remote “Sleeping beauty” case

Imagine you work from home in a standard company, where working day starts at the common 9 o’clock in the morning. If you are another “party animal”, who yet has difficulties in finding the balance between entertainment and serious career growth, you can party all night long, sleep half of the morning and get up during the busy working hours in the office. Well, if you are taking the role of the big office “beast” boss, you are supposed to control these remote workers with time tracking with screenshots.

  1. How sick is really sick?

A good manager will send his sick employer back to home till he gets fully recovered from a cough. It’s a matter of office safety – to keep the rest of the workers away from the infection – and a sense for maximum working capacity. A sick person cannot bring even half of the work he can bring, when being 100% or at least 80% in shape and healthy. However, there are days, when we are just a bit under the weather, but not ill, dizzy or bed-ridden. What if a remote worker tends to claim he’s sick every time when the weather goes down?

  1. The strange case of the remote worker, who wants to be an ordinary office worker…

These are remote workers, who are never going to be fully satisfied with their status. They will claim they have less rights, social benefits and advantages in staying in home in comparison to your ordinary workers. Yet, it’s not clear why they are still there, among the snugness in their homes, complaining over and over again. We’ll tell you why they do this. They simply try to distract your attention from the poor results they achieve by focusing on the weak points in distance work. Eventually, you might be even deluded that you underestimate them. Or that you don’t give them enough freedom and good conditions for work.

Unfortunately, there are bad workers among remote workers, too. It’s not about the place and the conditions under which a person works. It’s always about the motivation. And motivation cannot be faked or played. You can recognize it – with or without professional tools like time tracking with screenshots.

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