5 Tools You Can Use For Management of Remote Workers

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Today’s business trend to manage remote employees to work on your projects can be challenging. The secret behind the good collaboration with outsourced and remote employees is simple: feedback and communication. Thus we have gathered for you a list of 5 Tools You Can Use For Management of Remote Workers


The time tracking with screenshots software is a perfect way to remotely control all your projects. Its various adjustable features will help you organize your projects, workforce and simplify your accounting. SCREENish time tracking with screenshots app and android GPS and time tracking app will give you the opportunity to effectively lead and monitor your workforce.

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Trello is an easy to use and intuitive organizational virtual board. It will help you keep everyone update and improve the collaboration in your team. It will allow you to organize and prioritize projects, tasks, and ideas, helping all your team members to be on track.


Slack is a messaging app for teams that will improve the communication. It allows the creation of private and direct channels, file sharing, and direct messaging. Including the option to create calls and synchronization with Google Drive, Box and Dropbox make it extremely helpful for team communication.


Google’s G-Suit allows collaboration like no other. Almost all your team’s work can be done with the G-Suite. You can work on your computer, phone or tablet. You can store, collaborate, communicate and manage your project and team.


Dropbox is a file sharing platform, where you can selectively share files with your team members. You can access and share files from virtually anywhere, and only the members of your team with permission can use them. You can work on slides together and everyone will get the update automatically.

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These 5 collaboration tools are ideal for managing and sharing with your remote team and control all your undertaken projects. They will improve the communication and collaboration between you and the team members. Which tools do you use to collaborate with your team?


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