4 Best Leadership Practices

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Which are the top 4 leadership styles, that will help you and your team evolve? The business process can be managed in many ways, but not all of them effective.

With leadership, you can achieve great management, that can outrun the usual practices. Leadership can pave the way to improvement and success. Using any of those 4 unique styles is a guaranteed success for the good leaders.

Using all of them together, depending on your teams and projects can effectively boost the business process. They are good for both small and corporate businesses, as long as you know when to adopt them.

The authoritative leader

The authoritative leaders are a rare breed. Usually, those are the ones, who know all details of their projects. The authoritative leaders are extremely familiar with the field of work of their employees, sometimes even know more than the employees themselves.

Therefore, the leaders which use this style, are very useful to increase the employee engagement. They know how to make the employees part of the business process, to inform them, and give them the goal for their future.

The authoritative leaders can design the work environment to be more productive and the decision-making quicker, for they are the ones calling the shots. However, there is a downside of it. Sometimes there are leaders who would forget themselves and neglect their employees when those employees may actually be better informed and experienced in the particular field.

The inspirational leader

While the previous leader style involves exceptional management quality, this one is somewhat the opposite. As would the name suggest, the inspirational leaders are the ones that strive to inspire high performance and exceptional productivity, by keeping visualizing and inspiring.

Inspirational leaders are communicative and actively participate in the work process, like a beacon lighting the way for the employees to the goal. However, the leaders who lead by inspiration, rarely imply active management or perform passive management duties. Their stage of action is on the front line and they need backup for the business process management itself.

The silent leader

There is always someone in a team who would quietly suggest a great idea, or point out vital detail. There are also those who would not excel with their own trade but let the focus fall on their employees. The silent leader is usually the one that is never the center of attention, but rather support the group effort.

With silent leadership, it is all about the team. Silent leadership requires the group of people to be able to work together and take decisions together. When this style of leadership is adopted, it must be in an already developed team with synced mind and eyes on the target.

The participative leader

This leadership method is usually adopted by those who wish to encourage their team to learn to work in agreement and as one. Whenever forming a team for the first time, such style of leadership will teach your employees to participate in the group effort.

As a democratic method of leadership, this, however, takes time to develop. Since its leadership by example, this style requires exceptional character, communication, and people skills. The participative leader is the one that would take all final decision, but base them on the opinion of the team members.

The participative leader is also actively engaged in the work of the team members, always is there to guide and support. The participative team leader understands the business process and his/her management is not passive, but active and visible.

Leadership and management

A way to ease the administrative part of management and improve the overall performance is by using other methods together with the particular management style. The time tracking software is helpful with any type of management, for it will also take part in improving the performance and productivity. For the numerous benefits of the time tracking software check here:

All these leadership practices are beneficial on their own record. Shaping your leadership style according to your business’ goals and culture is a trade for the best type of leaders.

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