These 3 Tips Will Help You Increase The Productivity of Your Employees

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One of the most frequently asked questions is how we can minimize the distractions in the workplace and maximize the efficiency. The temptations today are everywhere, and setting aside some of them we can surely increase the productivity of our team.

Controlling the access to the distractions listed below, or simply making some comfortable adjustments will help you in the uneasy task of creating a more efficient work process.

No Control

Without a doubt, the first place belongs to nothing else but Social Media. Controlling the access to this productivity killer may, however, create a weave of grievance among your employees. Unless it is their job to be scrolling down the feed, adjusting their internet usage is your best option.

A way to do that without creating discontent is using the prevent distraction option of the time tracking software and set a list of pages you do not want your employees to use, while at work. Using time tracking software would increase the productivity and ingrain sense of responsibility to the user. Understanding and using time effectively is primary for the efficient work process. Managing time one learns to ignore distractions and better organize tasks.

No Rations

As strange as it would sound, knowing there are no coffee or vending machines anywhere near can have a rather negative impact on concentration and productivity. Creating at least a small place for your employees to take a few minutes break or a snack will help you a lot in improving their work. This way you would allow the employees to stay energized and content.

No Space

Having too small of a workspace, a tiny desk between 3 walls actually is less effective than most would admit. Although private it affects the creativity, productivity, and decreases the concentration, and simply makes one feel tired, and trapped. You can separate your employees in booths, but make them at least big enough for all their stuff, without them having to dig a long time to find something in such a small and hard to organize space.

These three are often among the first productivity killers. The better management is not only about handling the work related stuff but creating an organized and comfortable work environment. Such would require a reasonable set of rules, organized timesheets, appropriate and healthy environment.


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