Do You Need To Improve The Shifts In Your Office?

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When should we consider changing the working hours in our company? The working hours have a direct impact on the work you are doing.  They may be insufficient, or too long. In both cases, if the workload is not equally divided and you overwork your employees. How do you know you need to improve the schedule and working hours?

If your employees often have problems with keeping up with the schedule, it may not only be a time management or organization issue. Having too many tasks for too little time often results in a stressful environment, work of lesser quality and performance problems. Just as when having too many assignment and way too long workday. While when the time management and schedule issue can be fixed with a time tracking software, the working hours need a different approach.

When you choose the working hours of your company you should reflect on:

The current workload in your companyDoes everyone work the entire day, or you have huge gaps during which none does nothing? Are there common hours when no work is being done? Is there in reality little to no time for rest?

The performance of your teamDo your employees often stay late to finish a work they must do by the end of the day? Do your employees become much less productive at the end of the day? Is the overall performance moving up and down the chart every single day?

The deadlines, projects, qualityAre you often on the verge of missing a deadline? Is every project a struggle to complete, although you had a brilliant strategy? Do you have problems with questionable quality, as a result of speeding up the process, due to the coming deadlines and such?

All of those are not only problems of the performance level. The best team with the top speed and quality performance may not be able to complete their mission, if they lack time. And again the best team will fail to complete their project if they lack energy.

Whenever your company struggles with a project, you must look to improve the current conditions in your company. A small change like investing in a time tracking software, and changing the working hours will have a huge impact. Instead of making schedules extremely busy in order to finish a project fast, make them balanced. Moreover, the balance between schedule and working hours must be always a top priority.

Instead of forcing your employees to work extra hours in order to complete certain tasks, rethink the quantity of work per work day. If you inspect more closely, you will notice if the work days are too long or the shifts too short. Just answer the question above and you will know what to do.

The working hours should always be optimized and calculated to the best benefit. Simply having a 4-6-8-12 hours shifts in your company, may not be enough for the type of work being done during them, and you may need to rearrange the work. When you use time and attendance tracking software you will be able to spot where the problem is and further upgrade the way your team works. For all the benefits of time tracking check Here.  Creating a well organized and structured working hours will greatly influence the employee engagement and elevate their work.

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