What You Should Focus On When You Search For A New Manager

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You need to find the best manager to help you with the work in your company, but you do not know where to start? Check this list and you will know!

1. The Management Experts – Now, previous experience should not always be the lead criteria for hiring, just like age. Instead, you should search for qualities, which will prove more useful.

Often enough there are companies, which following no logic when they search for managers ( or any other professional for that matter). They want young managers ( 20-25 years old) with 10 years of experience and a master degree in the necessary field. This is next to impossible. There are no such people.

Bear in mind that university itself is an experience, although it is mainly theory it is still an experience. Instead, search for people with character, stamina, and ideas. You do not need someone with a vast experience and not necessarily young, as much as you need someone who is striving to improve and develop better skills. A manager who is constantly building up the knowledge and is looking forward to grow. In other words, people with goals  and values.

2. The Leaders Leaders can be of any gender, age, and educational level. Another thing you should not disqualify people for is exactly the gender. Just as the age and experience, gender should never be criteria. When you want to hire not only a manager but a leader to help your team and business thrive, you should focus on several things. You should search for a person who is respectful and respected, for someone who is organized and innovative, for the one who is communicative and responsive.

3. The Control freaks– This is someone you do not need. People who promise to keep everyone in line, are never efficient. It will be like you are ruling an army, not a company. Micromanagement has never been appreciated, and control freaks never respected. You want to keep you staff organized and the workflow steady? This is not the way to do it. But we will explain that later. Control freaks and overly manipulative supervisors are usually the reason why people quit their jobs in the first place. Hiring someone to simply spread fear and discontent by inappropriate behavior and management methods will cost you more than you could imagine.

All that being said, you should focus on the personality more than anything else and put experience second. People with great personalities and open minded are the ones with vision. You should search for people with goals in their future and values in their present.

If you hire someone who is just having the experience, but not the desire, your business and employees will struggle to move forward. If you hire someone who makes no difference between management and control,  you will again struggle.

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Management and leadership are what any growing and successful company will bet on. Invest in the personality of your future right hand and your team’s mentor. Invest in innovation, spirit and values.

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