10 Cases When You Can Hire Freelancers To Join Your Small Business Team

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The internet is flooded with freelancers with a large scale of abilities and skills that could be of use to your company and projects. However, there is a time when freelancing is optional and time when it is necessary. Freelancers are often certified professionals, students, graduates or people who learned their trade all alone, and chose to work for themselves. Hiring a freelancer to join your regular team can be evolutionary step for your projects, depending on the freelancer’s experience, creativity and how open minded you are.

Freelancers, usually private contractors, are above all hired for their low rates and vast expertise from websites like UpWork , freelancer, fiverr and so on. Freelancers are people who made it their goal to have a career in freelancing and a line of satisfied customers to prove their worth.

Freelancers are there exactly when you need them, usually don take vacations or time off,  have flexible working hours and rates, good communication and time management skills. Good thing is that you can usually even track their working hours and manage their time using timesheet software, so you do not need to worry about slacking. When is the right time to hire a freelancer to join your small business team is a critical question. Here are the most common cases when you can hire a freelancer:

Building your online presence. Web developers, admins and site builders.

If you are looking to expand your business on the web, it is easier and cheaper to hire a freelancer part time, than hire local experts or agencies full time. Freelance web developers, admins and site builders can be found at any price and any experience level, but most important is finding the one that will do exactly what you need.

Designing and developing your idea. Game or app developers and web or logo designers.

Hiring a freelance designer or developer to help you build your company’s idea and bring it to life is again a common solution. Freelancers with such skills are usually doing it by heart, highly qualified and very experienced.

Managing your publications. .Translators, Writers and Copywriters and SEO’s.

For you to be noticed on the web it is no secret that tons of writing will be involved. Hiring a freelancer to manage, edit, proofread, SEO optimize, translate or even write the documents, blog, website publications or grants  will save you time and money. And there are writers that can cover all those bases, being excellent wordsmiths and highly creative.

Controlling your projects. Administrative support and Assistants.

Freelance project assistant is again useful addition to your team. They are usually well literate in projects requirements, helpful and can deal with all the documentations, appointments, calendars, schedules, and researches or even task distributions and quality control for your team of employees.

Creating a customer support network.

Freelance customer service representatives is not something uncommon. Hiring freelancers to inspect, answer and forward customer complaints is a worldwide practice.

Managing your social network. Social media and community managers.

Building an active social network requires time, expertise and abilities. Social networking is not something you can really learn how to do in college. Hiring a freelancer experienced with social networking and able to help you go viral will prove to be a useful decision. A freelancer who knows and loves the social media will help you engage with the audience and win your first online customers.

Web researchers to help you get started and get to know your rivals or market.

Hiring a freelance researcher to collect and compile all the info you need to improve your work, is a time and money saver. Web researchers that are good in their job will do for you more than you could’ve imagined. Web-researching is a personal skill you can’t learn. The best freelance researchers are self-thought.

Personal legal consultant for your company.

Freelance legal consultants are usually law students or graduates. They are easy to cooperate with, accessible and charge less than a law firm. Most of them are experienced and knowledgeable in many cases from their very starting year, having built an extensive legal background.

Your Hiring headquarters. HR managers.

Freelance HR managers are again graduates or students, usually with far more experience, connections with other HR managers and great interpersonal skills. Freelance HR’s are highly valued for their ability to interact with people and find the right one, without needing to see him/her in person.

Data management. Freelance Data entry.

Freelance data entries are a perfect opportunity to get your data in order. Needless to say data entry takes time, patience, discipline and not many people can deal with that. Luckily freelance websites always give clients the opportunity to leave a comment and a rate to the freelancer, so you will know exactly what kind of person you will be working with.

Managing your new freelance team is quite easy, as long as you communicate with them regularly. Hiring freelance experts does require some more management to be done, but there are enough communication software, time tracking software, and other online tools that can help you best use this valuable solution. Hiring freelancers can be an inexpensive idea that will help your small business or even large one to continue growing and aiming to success and profit with minimum expense and maximum quality.

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