Improving Your Employees’ Working Hours

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Improving your employees’  working hours is necessary if you want to improve their performance and service. The whole idea is not making their working hours impossible but the opposite – organized, easy to manipulate and enough to make the job done. The productivity is dependent as much on their personal skills as on the way you control the work process and your management over it.  Optimizing and recalculating the work hours of your office can decrease the expenses and increase the outcome.

The first thing you should get in consideration is the opening hours of your office. Why? Because you can be starting too early or too late. You can review that by summarizing the tasks which are usually done in the early hours of the day, and compare them to the mid hours and the late ones. When are most tasks completed? When are there blank spots with no work done what so ever? Can you decrease/increase the work hours or simply divide the employees into shifts? Are your employees getting enough break time during work, so they can keep their spirits and productivity up to the needed level?

Another possible issue that may be pulling you back is the task distribution system. If you distribute tasks depending on their complexity and the most productive hours of the employee that is to handle them, you could get twice as more work done for the same amount of time, simply because the employee will have the mental and physical energy to deal with it fast and flawless. Therefore, when you take on a project, carefully research all tasks and assign them in such a way that the person responsible for them will be at his/hers best performance level. You could also leave group and difficult tasks for first thing in the morning, so you can all scratch them off the list and continue your day calm and content.

Use tools and software to make your and your employees’ work easier. Sometimes savings can be the parents of misery. If you constantly try to save from one thing or another, you could quite possibly slow down the work process and in the end, lose more than you thought you have saved. All tools, software, and materials which can save you and your team time, actually save you money. For instance, using a time tracking software will help you assign tasks, track work hours, inform you on employee payrolls based on hourly rates and weekly limits. For more info you can visit the following link. All kind of communication software that connects you directly and without a delay is also a welcomed necessity that will ease the workflow. A third useful addition is boards. Boards can be used not only as a visible organizer but as a motivator if made right.

Improving your employees working hours will increase their productivity and the overall performance of your office, in other words, it will help your business be efficient and effective. Building a profitable business starts from the inside, the stronger is your team’s performance, the better results it will bring for your business.

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