Reduce The Cost With Optimized Remote Team Management

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When managing a remote team the biggest challenge is to distribute the work efficiently and quick between all the workers. Since the only link between the team would be the internet, using a team management software would greatly improve the way you are distributing the work for your outsourced workers.

Easy and quick task assigning and communication that will allow you to improve the efficiency of your business.

Outsourced team management always demands a great amount of information exchange with all the members of the team and the team leader or client. Therefore, if you wish to reduce these endless hours spend on explaining yourself and the tasks, simply use the team and time management software of SCREENish and save yourself this headache.

The time tracking software comes with an intuitive way to set tasks, payments and hours, and assignment option that will ease the project management and task distribution to just a few clicks. The software would even give you the opportunity to write a quick note to your remote team member on what the task is and what is expected.

Simple and useful graph and work diary that will help you optimize your strategy and increase the profit.

All that is left is for you to wonder what will you do with the free time. Because you will have free time. The time and attendance software with screenshots and activity levels gathers all the data that you could possibly need to further improve your project’s strategy and to keep track of the progress your team had made.

You will have a constructed graph with the activity levels of all your outsourced team members, their notes on the assignment, the hours they spend and you will know how did they are utilizing them by simply checking the screenshots the time tracking software has taken.

Accounting option so you can accurately calculate your budget and create reasonable deadlines. You will not pay for extra hours anymore.

Creating your project’s strategy have never before been so simple. You can track all the activities of your members and therefore meticulously estimate all the time windows and set reasonable deadlines. Now after you know how much time it takes for each remote worker to complete the assignment you can accurately calculate your budget and use it wisely and effectively.

Hence you would reduce each dime spent on irrelevant stuff, saving yourself a great load of money. Reducing the costs of your business and still improving your team’s efficiency is a great opportunity for your business to benefit the most from the outsourced team you have hired.

Management of remote teams was never such an easy task, but now with the time tracking software of SCREENish you can optimize your management technique and also ease the work for all included parties.

Outsourced team management requires a great amount of time and attention, once you reduce the time you spent in team management, you can utilize for more pressing tasks and profit from it. Time is money and the more time you save the greater chance you have to increase your income and enhance your business.

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