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Every business big or small has one thing in common. A business is always built around an idea, the goal of the owner. Ownership of the business is not just having the business entitled to you, as every other thing ownership comes with great responsibilities.

Whether you will have a small company business of 1 to 3 employees or a big one with 10-100 and so on, as the owner you have to control everyone and everything that is going on. If you are going to make it hiring a professional manager, or you are going to do it yourself, you still have to pay close attention to all details and projects, so you can react accordingly in achieving your goal.

Nowadays every business has one thing that contents all information and data on what is happening. You guessed right – the computer. It doesn’t matter if you have a bar, restaurant, office or shop. More and more often we become witnesses or see pictures on the internet, how someone is playing solitaire or some other web game while an endless line of customers is waiting. Be honest, will you return to such place? How can you be sure that this single employee is not ruining your business the same way?

Or you walk into a shop and see the consultant scrolling down her social website and is eager to send you out as quickly as possible because her girlfriends are making new amazing posts. Or you wait some good 15 minutes for your coffee, not because there are many costumers, but because the barista is busy watching videos on the internet. Cameras will not help you at this moment, there are ways employees can easily convince you there was a problem with the system and they couldn’t manage to fix it for some time.

What you need to do when facing those problems with your employees or to prevent facing those problems with your employees are needed managing abilities at their best.

Controlling the work environment is your priority one. Security cameras are not enough to prevent slacking. They are security cameras after all, not employee monitoring tools. Staff tracking software is needed to know what this computer/s is used for.

Many employers do not even know what information their workers have access to. This way you will control all the data stored on or accessed through the PC. The application usage tracking will then give you the information of all programs accessed from this computer, so you can point out all irrelevant to the job applications that the employee opened.

When you have a screen recorder on the PC, you will not only have clear information about what the PC was used for but had the employee touched anything he was not supposed to. You will see the result from this way of managing in your weekly accountant reviews. Suddenly all revisions will be without a doubt perfectly calculated. No more missing items/ budgets that have magically disappeared god knows where.

Having customers’ good reviews and winning them as loyal clients is what makes your business flourish. To gain their trust you need to provide great and fast service. The product you are offering may be awesome, but if they have to wait and observe irregularities you will lose them. People want things to happen fast and without causing them unnecessary pains. Thus, you need your employees to be organized, have their eyes on the target and their mind focused on work only. It does not matter if they are selling sandwiches, shoes or business projects. Their minds need to be in the game.

Better time management and organization are vital in any case. Benefits of time management are first and most important the happy clientele and the loyal customers. With better time management every happy client is a potential loyal one. Resolving any issues, providing any type of service and prioritizing them is essential for the good time management.

If your employees lose their minutes on irrelevant to the work actions will ruin the chances of satisfying the needs of your regulars and winning more clients.  Improving time management is as we said – essential.
Time management in the workplace and employee monitoring are your main priorities. You must have eyes everywhere for everything for your business to succeed.

Also, you must always welcome chances to renovate and update the service you are providing and the employees you have. Educate them, show them the goal, and show them what they win for the work they do. Do not let them go blindly for the task, otherwise their interest in the matter will be smaller than it can be.

Manage the task and projects releasing all necessary information related to them to your employees. A person works best when he knows what it is all about. Take constructive advice and look close at every detail before taking any actions.

Your employees are the ones that have direct communication with the clients, they know the clients expectations and reviews, so before doing anything, better consult with the employees with such direct connection. You do not know what is really happening with your business before that. You never know which of your employees has the best winning strategy.
Learn to lead, manage your employees, grow your business and succeed.

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