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You are a manager at a multinational company. Several of your services and activities are outsourced. You need to manage a team of professionals and you need to track and quantify the volume of their work. How much time do they spend on your project? How much time do they spend on any project? What is their progress? What you need is a tracking tool, monitoring software to keep an eye of what is going on. We offer you a screen capture software that would bring the management of your team on your fingertips. Take screenshots of all your team’s screens at regular or custom-defined intervals. Track all activities online. A series of snapshots defines the work done and time spent. Make a production report out of screen pictures. Do you have a problem with overspending and over-budgeting? Do you pay too much for too little? The activity tracking software is a powerful tool to measure the time spent and the work actually done. You could make proper time analysis and allocate the required resources to get the work done properly. Results are not always indicative for the actual work done. Time spent is not always the time paid for. Are you spending money or spending time? What are your employees doing most of the time? Boost your productivity and optimize your spending by using our screen capture software to monitor your network of employees, freelancers, subcontractors or developers. Leave nothing to chance. Have an evidence of how time is spent on your project. Our time management software would give you powerful arguments in your negotiations with your partners. Determine your labor cost based on facts, not on fiction. Our screen capture software is an essential part of your project management and project analysis. Motivation is the key to success. Boost the motivation of your employees by employing a tool that would give a direction to their behavior and their activities. Monitor and analyze their time, their commitment and dedication. Measure the time spent on a specific task and optimize their time. Capture their screens and capture any gaps in your organization and management. Streamline the collective efforts of your organization by introducing an online time tracking system that would provide continuous feedback on the effectiveness of allocated resources. Our virtual team management software allows you to exercise power and authority over your employees in a discreet and effective manner.

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