What are the Major Factor that Contribute to Higher Rates

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Every freelancer wants to know how he can make more money without working on more projects. According to a recent survey, it turns out there are specific factors that contribute to higher rates. So let’s check them out!

The first element that determines your payment is your location. It was a great surprise for me to understand that no matter how hard I am working, I will never receive the same payment, like the citizens of United Kingdom. These are the best paid freelancers around the world! They earn about $47 per hour, while freelancers from United States earn only $37 per hour. If you are from Philippines then there’s bad news for you – Philippines freelancers receive the lowest payment per hour around the world.

The second factor that is of great significance for your payment is your experience. If you are just getting started, then expect to earn less money than the average freelancers. The more experience you have as a freelancer in a specific sphere, the better paid you will be. Moreover, you have to note that in countries where living cost is lower, the freelance professionals charge lower. Excellent advice for freelancers is to review their rates regularly in order to adjust the rates according to their present experience in this sphere.

The third essential factor for higher rates is your personal website. It has been determined that freelancers who have personal websites earn 65% more than freelancers without websites. If you are dedicated freelancer with website who works at least 40 hours a week, you will earn $28 000 more per year than freelancers working the same amount of time, without having website.

The first two factors that influence your payment cannot be changed overnight. But the third factor – having your own website where to present your work, can be done quickly.

Using time tracking with screenshots software will not only guarantee you that you will organize well your work, but will also lead to more clients. It turns out employers are more likely to hire you as a member of their team, if you use time tracking with screenshot software. Tracking software is excellent way to prove you are hard-working employee, who is not afraid to show the process of work. Freelancers, using time tracking with screenshots affirm they are trustworthy and focused on the assigned project.

The more clients you have, the more money you will make. That sound clear but what factors indicate the increased likelihood of being hired? There are three major factors that will bring you more clients, than you can handle. The greatest per cent of new clients will come via referrals. If you are experienced freelancer and the client has done background research for you, that’s good for you. Almost 22% of new clients did background research about you. The third factor is the rating on the freelancing platforms, left from clients. You have to be dedicated to each client and each project in order to have 100% positive feedback, left in freelancing platforms.

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