Helping a Manager to Relieve Stress From Controlling His Remote Workers

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It’s a damn stupid dream to be the chief in a company. Because, being in charge for everything and everyone is harder than you think. And you might confuse the chief-related professional dream of yours with the Paris-Hilton-like idea to own a one-hundred company with the highest reputation in its sphere. Indeed, it’s awesome to be the owner, but it’s a total hell to be put in control of everything. So before you consider your next few years plan of professional growth, understand that every CEO was in the beginning a manager. Management is the first step to scale your career growth up to the sleek chief’s genuine leather coach in a company. And being a manager means putting the entire stress on your own.

As a manager you are going to be responsible for every mistake. You are also going to respond to any complaint a single customer does. Your work is going to your biggest and smallest chief’s desires. We mean the real chief in the company, not you. You’re just the one with the big list of responsibilities and the big stress on your shoulder. But no company will appreciate a CEO with broken nerves, rights? Which is why it’s time for you to let stress go and start being tougher. Start with these tips – the easiest tips to relieve stress from controlling your remote workers. And we’ve got to be honest with each other: they are the hardest to be controlled and usually, the best not to be allowed to be fired. Here are the smartest ways a manager can get into the remote employers’ skin…

  1. Improve the communication

Tell us something, you’ve seen and you’ve known your mother better and more often than anybody else, right? However, you’ve been talking on phone and Skype to her more often than face to face recently. It’s neither yours, or her fault. Cause it’s actually the new way of communication these days. So communication with your employees face to face is no longer relevant. We all talk via these cute tiny devices today. And you have no excuse to lose the communication with a remote worker just because he’s not in the office.

  1. Speaking of digitalism, make the control digital, too

When there are so many time tracking software alternatives on the market, why bothering how you’re going to control your remote workers. Time tracking with screenshots is a new system that lets you be in charge for the team management without ruing your employers’ attitude towards you. You don’t actually have to tell on anybody, if he’s cheating anymore… A the of the weekend your boss will get the time tracking report and screenshots will say everything. So you can still be the good guy, the manager that jokes around and everyone loves.

  1. Have inside people

It’s not like adopting the mean girls from the team of remote workers in your little close-to-boss society. But you really have to be prepared for collapses in shaky moments when even your best workers will decide to step aside, make a protest or just sneak around without working, because he did not agree with your new philosophy. We live in times, when everyone is protesting for something after all!

  1. Keep yourself away of the perfection goal

It’s certain that you can’t be a good manager, if everyone loves you. Anyway, you might be the bad guy in the management segment in a company, but yet, respected. Think about what’s more important for your career: is it to be appreciated as the main support during toughest times, when a project is close to end or to be always invited on informal meetings with the freelance workers?

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