Why More and More People Earn Their Living From Their Hobbies?

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According to unofficial statistics the society of freelancers, remote workers and all those people, who make their living without visiting an office or any other working environment from Monday to Friday (8-18:00 o-clock) has grown significantly. Only for the last five years companies of all digital spheres have exceeded the number of their remote workers with about 70%. But it’s not society of IT freelancers the only core that makes working remotely and with freedom in mind when it comes to working scheduled so popular. It’s the fact that today, creativity has been more appreciated. The time, when employers valued your organizations skills more than the fact you can draw and sing, even if you are applying for the logistic department, has gone. More and more people earn their living from their hobbies. And it’s a great thing? But how did we get here anyway?

  1. The unemployment crisis

You won’t believe but this economy situation stroke most countries. And it’s not only the States or UK where unemployment rate has reached an enormous number. But people are creative by nature. When there’s starvation, there’s salvation, you know. When there are kids, who wait for food and clothes (and video games, and tickets for the new Star Wars movie and etc) at home, you need to find money, right? This is how people with no alternatives to get some real cash from real job start making their living from their hobbies.

  1. It’s not convenient for you only! It’s convenient for your boss, too

Imagine you are great in writing. Why bothering getting up at 6 o’clock every single day in order to reach your office and sit on the damn desk to do your job as a copywriter. Do you really love the traffic? Well, your boss doesn’t love the idea to provide you an office space. It costs him money. And it’s no longer a problem for him to control you. A hobby is thing, but as your boss he wants you to work and to make him money. So time tracking with screenshots, CRM systems, fast communication methods are digital benefits your boss appreciate. And if his time tracking software shows 40 working hours weekly from you, your boss doesn’t give a damn if you enjoy the work like a hobby, or not.

  1. History has showed that dictatorship does not work

And working with no pleasure of what you do just does not bring the same positive result in the end. I know, it might sound ridiculously, but when a worker works with a smile, the final outcome is twice better and more profitable. So when there are options like time tracking and doing things you like in exchange of a decent salary, hobby is not a silly thing anymore. Well, it’s another matter of discussion that talents are even more appreciated and better paid alternatives than hobbies… But in both cases we don’t talk about that old-school hated job positions your grandparents disguised, but yet accepted to bring you food and movie tickets at the end of the week. If dictatorship in professional environment is working a job you have, because you have to work it and you have no other choice, then earning your living from your hobby is the first utopia that came alive!

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