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The time when you had to pay a fixed salary of your employees is long gone in the past. You should not spend a single dollar on their personal activities while they are at work. Sitting in front of the computer is no longer a synonym of working. You can’t stalk each of your employees all day long to check whether this person is actually working on his assigned tasks or not. This is an impossible mission, especially if you are running a big company with hundreds employees. It is a common practice for many employees to check their personal emails, publish posts on Facebook and Twitter, play online games, and chat while they pretend to be working. Usually, they hide their secret activities behind a serious expression on their faces. When the supervisor approaches their desk, they switch the window and start working. Without noticing, you may waste so much money on unproductive and irresponsible employees which deserve noting more than being dismissed.

SCREENish time tracking runs as an application on your employees’ PCs and let you know through screenshots what exactly your employee is doing while he is on his work place. Managers have the opportunity to log in to check how many hours the employee has spent working on the assigned projects. Through time tracking with screenshots the manager can see which employee is currently working on those projects, and what their activity levels are. This is especially helpful for employees who work from home.

Time tracking with screenshots is a great chance to find out more about each of your employees. That way you can divide them into two groups – the ones that are really devoted to their work and those who are easily distracted and unorganized. You may check their online activity – precisely what websites they are visiting and how much time they have spent on every single one of them. You also will notice that with time tracking you will see a quick preview of the visited websites.

Time tracking with screenshots is the easiest way to monitor your employees and to have your work organized. Time tracking gives you the option to create projects and assign them to your employees. You don’t have to remember who is working on a specific project or what the deadline for that project is. Everything you need to know you will find with time tracking. One of the greatest advantages of time tracking software is that it calculates the sum you owe to your employee who has finished the assigned project. You don’t have to worry about hours spent on accounting.

To sum up, time tracking with screenshots is widely used software, especially applicable for freelancers or remote teams. It has many positive aspects for both sides – employers and employees. Employees are paid for the work they have done and the employers have an organized system to monitor their projects – how they are progressing or who is working on the project. Many popular online platforms are using time tracking software.

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