Is Your Business Thriving? Are Going To Hire A Freelancer or An In-House Employee?

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If  your business have been scoring high for a while and you need some extra hands on deck, it is the time you think through your alternatives. Question is, what kind of an employee are you looking for? Is it a full or part timer in-house? Or the job can be done from a distance and a freelancer should do? On what basis should you determine whether you need a freelancer or an in-house worker?


How much work do you need to be processed and for how much time? If it is a great load job that is making you stay behind, but your employees are having their hands full, your option is both. You can either hire a full-time employee or a freelancer to do the job and end the contract when it is all finished. For instance when you are having a big project and your current staff is insufficient to complete it before the time limit.

Hiring a freelancer for something that will not take too much time, yet  will relieve your employees from the pressure seems like a smart decision too. Yet, if you expect the work to become even more in the future, you should reconsider expanding your staff with whichever solution fits best in order to avoid future setbacks. When your company is experiencing significant interest and is gaining more popularity and hence more purchases is another such case.


Do you need such job done frequently or rarely? Often enough, many tasks are something that needs to be done few times only, just as services like accounting, customer care and similar. When you are still a small business and you do not deal with something daily, you can use the services of outsourced employees ever once in a while. You should determine if such task needs someone hired for hours a month, or will it be less expensive if you hire a person to whom you will pay on delivery. Then again, you can choose to keep you own staff in-house.


Is the work directly connected to your business? If you are, for instance, in the  construction business but you keep an opened website, it is easier to hire a freelancer, than to waste time, money and equipment on hiring an in-house employee to take care of the website. As long as your main business is not online, everything that is online can easily be assigned to a freelancer.


Another thing you should consider is if it’s worth the materials? Sometimes, the utility bills and materials expenses you pay can actually make it more expensive to keep an inhouse employee, than to hire an outsourced one.

Price x Quality

As cost is relevant so is quality and it is best to have them balanced. On the web, there are countless pages where you can find enough experienced freelancers that will work for an agreed price. The trick is to find the one who will deliver exactly what you need and require. Besides, often freelancers have worked on various projects and their technical skills and qualifications are superior.

Of course, there are employees whom you can hire, but often those with so many projects behind them are more expensive. Again it is about cost and quality. Every expertise has its price on the market, and if you know a certain type of employee be it freelance or in-house, can do the job under your budget, then it is clear.


However, both freelancer and in-house employees have one thing in common for which you pay. When you pay by the hour, time is of the essence. If you decide to hire a freelancer, it will be easier if you have a way to manage the time freelancer spends on the job, just as you need to manage your in-house staff.

For instance, if you use time tracking software with screenshots, you can observe and manage the work process of all your employees who use the computer for their job. When you use time tracking software it does not matter if the employee is right next to you, a different country, or few blocks away. You get all the information you need right on and a click away.

Freelancing is about cost and time saving. Numerous businesses around the world choose to hire remote workers for the projects, which can be done outside their organization. The freelancing market is vast and can offer specialists in many services. It makes no difference if you are a big or small business owner. If hiring a particular member to join your team will help you elevate your business, then you should.

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