Using Live Chat Customer Service And Online Sales

Live chat and online help tips tricks and rules for a great customer experience
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Today it is usual for a website to have a live chat connection with the web site visitors. What you need to understand if you are going to use live chat for your website business is how your customer service representatives should behave when they are using the live chat.

Live chat exists to ease your connection with the visiting customers by showing them someone is online and can help them with whatever they need from the website. When adding a live chat or online help option to your website think of an engaging sentence that will catch the attention of the visitor and he/she will want to respond. This way you will get their attention and they will not hesitate to pop their questions so you can improve their customer experience and win some more loyal and happy customers.

For The Live chat With  Sales Representatives

Multiple choice. When a customer searches on your website for let’s say a particular thing to buy among much other stuff, do not only tell him/her to just go on the following link but when you provide the link ask if there is anything you can do for him regarding the item. For instance, if he wants to buy a shelf, ask him about the color and size he/she is looking for, ask if he or she is under budget and give him multiple choices that are as close to his/her vision for the shelf as possible. The more questions you ask and the more information you give, the higher is the chance the customer will stop looking for other pages and concentrate on yours, simply because he/she is paid attention to.

Finalize. When you are finalizing the customer’s purchase of any goods from your website, always offer further assistance. If all is done, inform the customer when he/she will receive the purchase, how much is the entire amount and anything else your website is offering, that will be of use to the customer. Once you are done, always wish the customer to have a great time and to visit the site again if he/she has any question, and give him/her the additional email of the customer service team.

For The Live Chat With The Online Help

Live chat representatives of the customer service team must keep the same code as if they were to converse with the client on the phone or via letters. The golden rules of the great customer service are always applicable, but the difference in the live chat is the speed. The very fact that the customer wants live chat connection means he/she is in a hurry since when using the phone, the complaint usually is to be resolved later or the mail, where the response may take 24 to 48 hours . The faster you respond to their questions/queries the higher is the chance you will improve their experience and leave them satisfied.

What matters?

Then again all comes down to time management and manners.  For the customers, everything that matters is their issue to be resolved, be it buying a shelf, reporting a problem or leaving feedback. The customer experience starts the moment he/she decides doing business with you and never ends, it just goes positive or negative. However, to improve the services of your online customer service representatives or sales consultants, monitoring and control are paramount. Time tracking with screenshots is one of the ways to control and obtain regular information about the performance of your team, the customer experience, and the issues that are resolved daily and the way it was done.

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