When working with a team of outsource employees. Part 2.

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As an outsource team leader one must always organize the work schedule, ensure the communication line between the team members and present a clear goal and strategy that everybody needs to follow.

When organizing the work schedule for an outsource employee team, the leader must always keep in mind the location of every team member and the time zone. For the tasks to go together either a common working hours or a time period must be pointed out. The turnaround time must also be pursuant and convenient  to all participants in the outsource team in order to have a steady productivity.

A regular communication between the outsource team members will increase the quality of work done for a period of time, thus, it is yet another factor the leader and manager of the outsource team has to maintain. Therefore, when managing the team, one must establish a way of communication that will make the project’s workflow visible and understandable and all the outsource employees will know what is going on and what is left to be done. A project management software can prove very suitable for this purpose.

The project goal is yet another decisive element that needs to be transparent. No one can execute properly when shooting in the dark. For the outsource team to work as one and to successfully complete their tasks, they need to understand what their work is about and what is expected in the end. As follows the leader must explain  to the remote team members what the project is essentially, what is the estimated time and the approximated budget.

The strategy an outsource team is required to follow also has to be transparent. After all the employees will need to make time for their tasks in order to build a personal time management plan which to preserves. When working on a computer, for instance, an employee time keeping software can be extremely helpful.

In addition to all that the leader of the outsource employees is responsible for the employee monitoring and productivity, not only because of the budget but also to leave room for reaction when and if any issue emerges.

Leading a project was never an easy job, without any significance to the team’s location. Hereof if a project should be successful, a true and capable manager always will create a stable base for the project’s implementation.

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