Is your office a mess?

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The 5 indicators of a disorganized office. Are you wondering why your office is not productive when it all seems fine to you? Have you ever wondered why your income isn’t breaking the ceiling? For all of it come to a place you need to recognize the reasons for your downfall. Here are the top 5 indicators your office isn’t working properly:
Reason № 1. Documentation disorder. Just look at your documentation. Are they all well-organized in alphabetical or understandable colorful order? Are all documents placed in separated organizers which have indications for the content? No? Well, there you are! All your employees with access to the information are all the time wondering where to put each document or from where to take the one they need. Few minutes lost for searching the needle in a hay stack. Instead of working they are all lost in the disorder.
Reason № 2. Missing punctuality. This is why there is something called working hours. This is why people are paid by the hour. This is why it is essential for your personnel to start work at the same exact time they are supposed to. When one person is missing from his workplace he can slow down the pace of all his colleagues, which are dependent on this single person.
Reason № 3. “Not happy to see ya, boss”. Have you noticed your employees are suddenly not so cheerful when you enter the room? You might have to change your politics a bit and acknowledge that they are representatives of the human species. When you lose the respect of your employees, their “gratitude” is visible. They begin working in slow motion, making more mistakes or they quit. When the last thing happens you will now have to lose time to hire and train new employees.
Reason № 4. No activity control. There, yes, right there! On that browser history. Did you notice something strange? From 3:00 pm to 3:30 pm the browser history is either missing or is full of unrelated to the work websites. It is time to track employee internet usage. Or you prefer paying for that lost in the space time?
Reason № 5. No time management. Now this is a huge disadvantage. Nobody knows what they are doing, why they are doing it or for how long should they do it. If anyone expects something good to come out of this picture… good luck! Time management is essential, so better start working on your time management technique and strategies, if you want to get that increased profit.

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