Original ways to battle spring fatigue in the office

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Spring time is that tired time you are up to celebrate Easter holidays, to plan your first outdoor activities, to enjoy your moments close to the sunshine after the cold and depressing winter. And unfortunately, no one asks us if we are up to work. We just have to. This is why spring fatigue feels even harder to be overcome, especially in the office, where the wide windows are looking at the fascinating and attractive outside world full of sunshine, warmth and happy smiley people.

As an office manager or team leader, every one of you, who has the responsibility to maintain the order in the working process, is supposed to battle the office spring fatigue, too. We know the basics in this topic, but we thought some more original ideas you might have never tried could be the better alternatives for office spring 2017 season. Here is the list of our original ways to battle spring fatigue in the office:

  1. This is the best moment to encourage physical activity among your workers

The more active you keep yourself, the more far away spring fatigue will remain. So, probably, it might be worth it to risk a couple of working hours for some physical exercises – like free fitness or yoga classes – if they are going to serve for higher working productivity till the end of the day. Plus – your employees have been waiting for your social benefits pack for too long time…

  1. Update your timekeeping software parameters

It might be useful for some of the tougher managers to relax and take it easy…Spring is about a new fresh start and probably some new settings for your timekeeping software could be a good way to try a new organization. Remember – if you want higher results, you need to provide more free time, because fatigue does require longer lunch breaks.

  1. Change your catering company

Speaking of lunches, why don’t you try a new company with bio or eco lunch packs. New customers usually receive special prices and with the savings you will do you will cover the already made losses from the spring fatigue most of your workers have been experiencing. It’s useless to say that we are what we eat, so be sure that what you eat is now what your office does, too!

  1. Taste the spring fatigue at a full value

Sometimes, you need to give in the temptation, in order to battle it. Same goes with spring fatigue, too. At some point, it might be very useful and healthy for a worker or for an entire department to experience spring fatigue laziness. When the results form time tracking with screenshots are out, they will see what fatigue caused them. Eventually, the ambitious workers – and we are sure that every company has them – will take warning and soon, the mistakes will be corrected and the normal working rhythm will be recovered.

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