The Best Time Tracking Alternative To Substitute UpWork

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The recently announced fee raising of the freelance giant UpWork has caused many disputes over the web and shaken the freelance market. For many the new UpWork pricing is purely greed while the platform managers insist it to be an even better opportunity for the hardworking ones. Nevertheless, 25%+ of your earnings is not a small number and 2.75% for a transaction will not make UpWork clients happy.Why is SCREENish time tracking software the best substituent of UpWork for both freelancers and employers?

The changing of the pricing system of UpWork, however, sets a new beginning for the services of time tracking software solutions like SCREENish. Time tracking software is now the future for freelancers and employers.

Why would you choose SCREENish time and attendance tracking software?

As convenient as it can be the constantly improving timesheet app of SCREENish takes care of your time. Freelancers know time keeping is essential for their payment. SCREENish time tracking software can easily be your number one pick substituent of UpWork.

SCREENish is free for freelancers and cheap for employers. Membership in our websites does not eat your budget and earnings, like UpWork. There is no fee based on your contracts value.

SCREENish has some special offers for you!

SCREENish time tracking software can offer premium packages for employers based on the number of employees. Just contact our support, state how many employees you will have and we will find the best solution for you! Unlike UpWork, it does not get costly, but cheaper.

What else is in our solutions list?

Our system lets you assign projects to your employees and freelancers, as well as set their hourly rates and weekly limits. For your ease, SCREENish offers an accounting option, where you can approve and disapprove working hours and get a calculation of the payments you have to make. In other words, with just a few clicks you can fully set your projects and have access to all the work process information. You can divide and assemble teams, and monitor the work of each employee. Moreover, you will get a weekly Work Graph, so you can see how your team is progressing and is the productivity going up or down. SCREENish is perfect for both remote and in-house employee and project management.

Why SCREENish time tracking is convenient for freelancers?

SCREENish time tracking software is a productivity tracking app. It tracks the hours spent working on projects and takes screenshots of the work, during the process. The time tracking software will keep a record of your activity levels and assemble it all for you in a handy work log chart. You will have access to your accounting and see your approved hours and the payment you are to expect. As a freelancer, you can also choose between your multiple employers and projects and time track whatever you will be working on next. With our system freelancer get paid for what they have worked, there are no fees based on the value of your contract. Invite your loyal clients and you can all see for yourselves why SCREENish is your best time tracking alternative.

SCREENish protects your data and privacy!

The only one having access to your projects and information is you. All data is kept safe in an S3 service platform, safely locked and stored. Freelancers have access only to their own assignments.

The best part is – SCREENish gives you 10 days free of charge trial when you can see for yourself, why our time tracking app is your best option. Furthermore, we will not ask for your credit card details on sign-up. You can check our FAQ page and video for all the benefits of using SCREENish time tracking software.

We invite you to try out SCREENish   – Register here for free!

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