Common mistakes when outsourcing

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Outsourcing turned into valuable method when one is in need of assistance for a project management. A virtual outsource assistant for instance who has quality management experience and monitors the tasks for the company. Other online outsource employees can relieve the project’s pressure over the regular employees when they are assigned with part of the tasks.

Countless companies nowadays hire exactly outsource workers in order to somewhat ease the process of completion for certain projects or for a full-time participation in the company’s projects.  Why? Outsourcing can be beneficial for the entire project execution since it proved to be budget-friendly and often enough can enhance the quality of labor.

The worldwide search for experienced and/or full of fresh ideas outsource employees is a general practice for the smaller companies that hope to grow their business and to boost the quality of their service.

Nevertheless, its is a field of opportunities that is not entirely explored and understood. Outsourcing is a solution used to hire remote workers, still there are people who mishandled their outsource employees and their projects ended unsuccessfully.

What should one not do when hiring an outsource worker?

Note that the remote employee can be in a distant location and even a different time zone. Often the only connection available is online, and that makes management harder if the employer has no clear idea what to do. Therefore, forgetting or procrastinating the need of communication will show fatal since it will leave a lot of unanswered questions and unattended issues.

Again as the timezone might be different one must not forget to set a deadline that is convenient for the remote employee. Often when outsourcing people forget that the turnaround date needs to be set so it responds to the remote employee’s timezone. Why can’t he/she calculate the date? There are various reasons, for instance, the hour you assign the task can be late evening for the employee, hence, he/she would’ve been awake all day, no one can expect productivity from a tired person. The best option is to talk to that person and ask what time will be optimally needed for him/her to end the task. Afterward  do not forget that the full strategy is built upon the deadlines sets for general tasks.

Regularly people forget that when they hire an outsource worker they need to provide him/her information enough to complete the task. As a result, they present way to much or way to less information. The first ends in information overload and makes the task incomprehensible and the second leads to quality and time management complications. Thus, when giving out information on how to complete the task and what its details are, attempt to be as organized as possible, giving only necessary information in an understandable manner. This way even classified information leaks can be avoided.

Action regularly forgotten is also monitoring. This is not only to constantly make sure the outsource employee is working, yet also to form a time sheet for the work process and to avoid accounting problems and salary disputes. Time tracking the work process of the outsource employee is necessary for timely reactions to work-related issues that may slow down the workflow if missed and cost both time and money.

Also, when giving an experienced remote employee a task for the first time each person expects best of quality, however forgetting they are the judge of that quality and often enough people have a different opinion on what the quality is. Therefore, leave time for enhancement when giving an outsourced employee a task and aid him/her in a positive manner so these quality requirements can be met.

Outsourcing can lead to prosperity when issues like these mentioned above are avoided. Therefore, just apply the best management practices and benefit from this great solution.

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