Procrastination – the motivation killer

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Possibly the softest motivation killer today is the procrastination. It takes the time of our lives, often ruins our days and leaves ugly marks on the future. Building a bright future is impossible if this psychological sickness has taken control over our life.

  • What is procrastination?

One could say it is laziness at its finest. It is the talent to totally avoid all tasks which need to be done. Furthermore, people who procrastinate are having time management problems, are afraid of taking a risk and are often trying to escape responsibility for their actions.

  • What’s the outcome of procrastination?

 Delaying of main tasks, violation of deadlines, which will also result in financial loss, incapability of accepting the current situation, loss of stimulus and desire to do better, inability to gain control and in addition – depression.

  • How to fight procrastination?

Given these circumstances if one is to fight laziness and procrastination must first recognize the core problem of the current situation. Himself.

  1. Re-discovering of the goals that were once set will be an aid for the recovery. If  the procrastinating has been for an extended period of time, it might reflect a misalignment between what one wants and what one is currently doing.
  2. Simplify the work that needs to be done by creating a list of every task and setting a deadline for them. This will improve the needed time management skill that was long forgotten. Once that is done, the focus will be clearer and the tasks will not seem overwhelming anymore.After all creating this specific and detailed timeline for the tasks will support the time tracking abilities and the work will be easier to complete.
  3. Henceforth work will no longer be an issue once control is obtained and time tracking is kept at the maximum. It is essential to also not over complicate the future plans and wait for the ideal conditions for something to happen.
  4. Modify the environment. Eliminate all the stuff that are breaking the concentration and are threatening to ruin the plans that were made. Even when at work minute actions such as social media and emails are affecting the productivity and time management skills.

Start with these few steps and once again gain control over your life.

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