Time Tracking With Screenshots – Best Outsource Management Solution

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Once you decide it is time for your business to Outsource, you will have to  research for the best Outsourcing destinations and Management strategies. Outsourcing is not as risky as it was 10 years ago when active remote management was not available. Nowadays you can easily manage your Outsourced team using software, and not rely solely on a physically present Team Manager.

According to The Forbes, by 2015 the best outsourcing destinations are India, Philippines, Russia, China, Canada, Mexico, Ireland yet over the last years Bulgaria and other Balkan countries, as well as Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia, have proved to be resourceful ones. Read more …

When Is It Time For A Small Business To Outsource?

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The outsourcing trends continuously develop in order to increase the efficiency, the profits,  and decrease the cost. However, not every project is good for outsourcing. Generally, outsourcing is applied only when it will both speed up and decrease the cost of a project, without damaging the business in any way, or compromise company secrets.Read more …