Did You Know This Are the 5 Best Ways to Reduce the Stress for Your Employees?

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Stressed employees are inefficient and with low-performance levels. Decreasing the stress in the workplace will be extremely beneficial for both your company and your employees.

There are a number of reasons your employees can be stressed, and the signs for these are visible. Reducing and removing reasons for stress can be done with few simple methods, such as:

  • Revising your company’s policy and employee engagement strategy
  • Readjusting your company’s working hours
  • Rethinking your company’s management system
  • Reorganizing your company’s work distribution system
  • Renewing your company’s inventory


Using at least these 5 methods to reduce the stress will be your best decision!

The Irritating Company Rules And The Good Engagement Strategy

Revising your company’s policy and employee engagement strategy will affect your staff on a mental level. You need to improve the policy and remove unnecessary restrictions, which make work harder and more annoying.


Such restrictions include – bathroom break time limits, mobile phone baning, too strict of a dress code, forced work hours, etc…

All these can, in fact, drive your employees insane, make them wanna quit. They are underperforming or don’t care at all about the quality of work they put out.

There are offices, which think the calls of nature can be managed when it is not like that. Healthy people visit the special room at least 8 times a day. Having employees limit their bathroom time will compromise their health and their work.

Mobile phones banning, is another useless office rule. If your employees are not allowed to be in touch with their families, they will be stressed out for numbers of reasons. Instead of asking your employees to lock their phones in the drawer, or worse, lock them yourself, you can just forbid talking/texting in the room. Not to mention if you cut off your employees’ contact with the outer world, they will find a way to stay in touch behind your back.

Too strict of a dress code, unless you provide the uniform is also not to the liking of employees for countless reasons, from personality to finances.

Forcing your employees to work on the weekend, for instance, and threatening them with fines or dismissal will also bring nothing good. If you are working on a heavy project and you need more work done sooner, just reorganize the schedule, or promise a bigger wage for those who stay working on the weekend.

Instead of making such insane rules, think of an engagement strategy, make your employees feel like they belong in the company. This will result in much higher productivity and quality performance.

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The Shifts and Working Hours

working hours

Readjusting your company’s working hours, as we mentioned before is a necessity for any company that has too many projects going on, and is usually having difficulties with performance.

Improperly used and too long work day will affect your employee’s behavior, performance, and health. They will be stressed, unproductive, tired and irritated.

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The Improper Management And The Efficient Methods

bad management

Rethinking your management system and methods is also necessary if your employees do not perform okay, often take days off, get sick a lot, and so on. These are a sure sign the work environment is toxic and the management system beyond bad. Focus your management system to be more organized, time-bound, and engaging.

 The best strategy for improving your management system is to remove micromanagement practices and focus on leadership ones while investing in everything that can improve the administrative organization of the work process.

You could invest in time tracking software to improve the time management and attendance, invest in communication software to decrease the potential of miscommunications and elevate the quality interactions, and so on.

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The Wrong Task Distributions System And The Right Way To Do It

task distribution and assignment

Reorganizing your company’s work distribution system is also necessary to reduce the stress levels. Without good task distribution system your employees are uncertain for their work and that of their colleagues, in other words, it creates a chaotic schedule and low performance. Good task distribution begins with a reasonable schedule and individual assignments.

Making it as less as complicated and as much visible as possible will not only reduce the stress of your employees but will increase the quality and quantity of work they do. Also, you will reduce the chances separate employees to work on the same task, or not work at all. You can use scheduling boards, employee time and task tracking software, and similar.

The Inventory and Your Obligations

inventory checklist

Renewing your company’s inventory is a whole other thing. Now, what irritates the most an employee is when a company doesn’t maintain the inventory, machines, supplies, and everything else for that matter. A not working copy machine, no ink, no paper, slow i-net connection, broken telephone lines, and such can be a pain.

You force your employees to deal with stuff they are not supposed to, lose time over unnecessary complications, and hence lower their productivity and focus.


The stressful work environment has a grave impact on the performance and wellbeing of your employees. Reducing the stress factors as much as possible is mandatory for both your employees’ heath and your company’s success.

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